Month: April 2011

Reviews: Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat (more accurately Mortal Kombat 9) is the first fighting game I’ve bought in quite a long time. I do not hate fighting games but generally the hardcore emphasis on playing with people I’ve never met leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As much as I like to think my fighting skills in games aren’t terrible I’m reminded that no amount of practice will beat the free time of a teenager. That’s...[Read More]

The Me in the Mirror

  So I went back for my follow up check at the Oral Surgeon. We momentarily discussed the amazing potency of their “light” form of local anesthesia. I went from answering the question “Do you like playing games?” or was it “Do you play games?” Something like that, I just recall the last words I said was “It’s hard to enjoy games when your job…” I immediately woke up in a totally different roo...[Read More]

A Quiet Afternoon

  This is day 4 of my Wisdom Teeth removal. At this point it feels like I’m teething, but in reverse. The regions where teeth once were are slowly closing up, the body is not fond of wasted space and it makes no small effort to close up and use up anything of excess that it feels is no longer necessary. The feeling is not necessarily painful but it is incredibly aggravating.   My motor s...[Read More]

Wisdom Teeth Day 3 & General Things

  On the sheet it tells you that Day 3 is when the pain, bleeding, and other problems tends to peak. I’ll admit that my jaw is certainly less happy today than it was yesterday or the day before but still overall it’s more of a dulling pain than something that would cause me to seppuku. Again this may be a result of the pain killers which do a great job of making you lose coordination (I misse...[Read More]

Wisdom Teeth or Lack Thereof (A tale for worried Patients)

Well I got all four of my Wisdom teeth removed on Friday. For anyone out there that might be wondering just what the experience is like I’ll give you the play by play for the first two days at least. The actual surgery itself comes with three options. One is they just numb your mouth like they would if they were filling in a cavity. My dentist (or should I say oral surgeon?) told me that alm...[Read More]

Pink Toes and Pedophilia

  This is a fairly short post to make today. Mostly because I’m recovering from wisdom teeth removal and also because there isn’t much to add.   If you know anyone who was offended by the J.Crew. ad, call up Chris Matthews because they are a pedophile. All those news reporters on TV who are horrified, them too, every person who looked at that kid and thought sexual thoughts. Who tried to...[Read More]

Reviews: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters

I’ve decided that I play far too many games to not be doing some sort of game review. I work at a game publishing company and get paid to try and maintain one of these monstrosities. So why not? Worst that can happen is these can be merely therapeutic. My reviews will not include a number system. But there will be a handy visual aid at the bottom. I also will take screenshots for PC games and some...[Read More]

How corn killed people at Jack in the Box.

  This is a rather retro story that has real world implications in modern day America (and the western world). For those of you who were old enough in the early 90’s you recall the E. Coli outbreak at Jack in the Box (henceforth called Jack) and might be saying in confusion “I thought it was beef that killed those 4 kids, not corn.” You would be technically correct, which is generally the bes...[Read More]

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