Month: March 2011

A Nascar approach to Politics

  This was a suggestion I read as a joke on the ever present reddit. The idea was that politicians should wear logo’s on their suits that would show the viewer quickly who they are sponsored by. Sizing the logos to the relative amount of the total contributions the candidate had earned and the amount that particular company had donated.   I realize it might be a dead horse which has rece...[Read More]

Operation 52–An Update

  It’s been quite sometime since I’ve updated the Operation 52 Page. I still have a few books I’ve completed that need to be added to the list but as of now I have attached 3 very enjoyable reads. They are, as always, in order from the first book I have read to the last. Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”, “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”, and Matthew Inman...[Read More]

Of Mars, Molars, and Missed Opportunities

Of Mars…   It’s been quite some time since I last updated. More wild still is that people are now paying to advertise here. What a wild state our world lives in when my thoughts are valued enough over 0 cents (nearly 3 now the last I looked, hooray for me). I’m 50% beyond the proverbial “2 cents”. We’ll continue on and see just how much cognitive cents I can provide. (It occasionally plummets...[Read More]

Military Industrial Complex Vs. Teachers

  I’ve been fascinated by the amount of muckraking that has been going on lately on 24 hour news. Now because of the profundity of it by itself, these news stations are little more than avenues to spread misinformation, I’m aware of this as I am sure most folks with internet access are aware. What gets me is not necessarily the quantity alone but the direction at which the quantity is being p...[Read More]

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