Month: February 2011

Standing on a Dock

Standing on a dock Thinking this was the end Good times were had Time to be sad He feels the hollow coming back grasping hands of depression making no concessions tapping of the stone no longer alone whipped around by a word meeting her face to face broke the darkness with a single embrace So alien an action he had no reaction she ran off into the darkness leaving this warmness a tingle in his sou...[Read More]

“Give me some Sugar”

  I’ve been getting more in touch with my dietary health and something glaring has been bothering me for the entire time we’ve been doing this little project. How much sugar should I be taking in each day? I realize that supposedly the ideal is *no* sugar, but I’m quite sure we’ll find that doing so ends up destroying some organ or function. It seems highly unlikely that creatures who are so ...[Read More]

Eating: The Question of “What?”

  This may be, as so many things are here, a post that is many months early. However the change I feel has been so dramatic, so early, that it is worth mentioning and bantering on about. My Wife and Myself have both taken it upon ourselves to start actually cooking again.   The average reader may say “Well I cook.” but I ask “What are you cooking?” Is the item fully formed before you beg...[Read More]

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