Month: January 2011

“Sticking it to the Man”

  I’m not a very old guy, by most standards I’m still quite young. It’s been 24 years or so since I was born and already I feel aged in at least a few ways (mostly my knees). I’ve worked in 6 different retail environments now: Martial Arts, Food, Toys, Garden, Electronics, and Video Games Community. Each one had a unique set of people that would come in and a unique set of needs that needed t...[Read More]

The Mistake of the Media and Murders

  So I’m sure everyone has seen the troglodyte that shot those folks in Arizona. A Hodgepodge of genes that should have never been strung together grown like a plant in the garden window. This I think is the root of a very big problem with the Media and our response to extreme dickery.   Killers may be mentally unstable, they may be white, black, Latino, male, woman, 4 armed, or have kni...[Read More]

Utter Silence

  Few times in my life do I find myself in a place of total and utter silence. Even now I am somewhat disingenuous, as I write this I can hear each word being read out in my mind. These words are each read in my ideal voice even, not that voice I hear in recordings but the one I hear when I speak.   Everyone in the office where I work has gone out for lunch. My wife left with “The Ladies...[Read More]

A Once Great Beast…

It, as the always erroneous phrase begins, may only be me but the internet has utterly died for me. My interest in it has waned to the point of nonexistence. I find myself only opening it up out of shear habit and then just as quickly closing it. This once mighty beast, a hydra with countless heads has devolved into something of an unnecessary thing. Fears of internet censorship do not strike the ...[Read More]

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