Month: November 2010

WordPress being Lame.

  I had 2 updates today, wordpress thought it would be awesome if it kept replacing one with the other. That’s very much not awesome, and after some wiggling of nobs and pressing of buttons they both show properly…finally.

The Worth of Everything

I believe I’ve discussed Piracy a ton now, the idea of potential profit versus actual profit, and the loss of potential revenue versus actual loss of revenue. These things are all beaten to death because the folks who understand them the least have the most money to advertise the incredibly inaccurate explanation of each. The general rule of thumb being to take the information they provide you, mu...[Read More]

The “Ordered” Universe–Because it is.

There is often a point made about the universe, about everything that is around us. The gist of the point is that “There is obviously a designer, a watch requires a watchmaker, and a universe run by laws must have a lawmaker.” This is very pleasing to the ear and to the mind as long as you don’t take longer than two seconds to think about it. The moment you do it falls apart and it falls apart har...[Read More]

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