Month: October 2010

Meeting a New Me

  I don’t know if I’ve ever properly explained a phenomenon that has intrigued and upset me for many many years. Each time I write a creative piece my writing style changes, I get locked into a mindset that carries from the moment I begin writing up until the moment I finish. However, after a nights sleep if I come back to that piece the writing style I have used is entirely alien to me. ...[Read More]

Early Morning, Magic, Reading and Writing…oh my.

  Today was indeed a productive day! I woke up early, the hardest part, and got my early morning daudling done. I finished Just Cause 2 on the hardest difficulty, I might write a review for it sometime. Not too sure if I’m fully interested in such an endeavor but we shall see. Anything to add more content to the site.   After that I made some coffee and reconstructed a few of my decks, m...[Read More]

Operation 52 has it’s own page!

  Well I wrote this whole entry already but then I tapped the wrong combination of buttons and instantly cleared the whole darn thing. I’m not very fond or programs not just saving a draft regardless of me hitting “no” when it asks me. Just do it by default and let me turn that off in menus. But I digress…Operation 52 has it’s own page now. The table is entirely broken at the moment so I’ll n...[Read More]

Rico Examines “Intuitive Law”

  I’ve been pondering over the idea that anything is black and white. There are various things that folks mention like life and death, the idea that there is a definitive point when anything becomes concrete. I think that there are very few, if any, things that are as such. I’ll throw out some examples and then carry into what I call “Intuitive Law”.   It was originally inspired by the p...[Read More]

“pubit!” by Barnes and Noble

  I’ve been looking into this service and I think that I may begin publishing my short stories with it. I was working on a price point and figured that 3.99 for a short story shouldn’t be too bad. We’ll see if anyone bites and hopefully I’ll get some good word of mouth.   This is exciting for me, I’ll see what I can do about a cover image and converting it to a non-PDF format since that ...[Read More]

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