Month: September 2010

Rico Examines “The Advantage in Debate of Faith over Science.”

  I will begin with an immediate disclaimer of sorts: These two entities which find themselves often at odds are built for entirely different reasons. Science exists to understand the universe, to explain everything from the smallest particle to the largest star cluster. It provides the foundation for every consumer electronic, ever shred of medical advance, and both positive and negative nea...[Read More]

Operation 52 – An Update.

  So it may seem like I haven’t kept up with this. That’s partially true. I did miss a week, that week I was getting married and so my mind was wandering. However I do feel that I have a little bit of leeway, seeing as the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide was actually 4 books in 1 it seems like a bit of a win.   However tonight I should finish this weeks book and get back on track. I’ve also ...[Read More]

Rico’s Philosophy – Voting

  I’ve been thinking about voting lately. It’s one of those things that I would have thought would have gotten easier with the increase of information trafficking. But as with many kinds of trafficking there is a lot of illicit activities going on that just screw with people royally.   Every single person on this planet shares at least one idea with every single other person on this plan...[Read More]

Rico’s Guides – Wedding Etiquette for Hosts and Guests

  Some of my advice forth coming will be tongue-in-cheek. Mostly joking about mistakes that I made before and during our wedding. Though some of it will be quite serious, there are some things that I think people are entirely ignorant of and unknowingly spit upon their now married friend or relative.   So without further adieu I will provide you with some advice that will make your weddi...[Read More]

Back by Popular Demand

Well this is one of those unusual days where I’m merely posting to confirm that I have, in fact, not died. I was gone for a week getting married. I know, crazy right? Well at any rate I’ll be discussing this week the things I’ve learned about weddings so that folks in the future can have fancy smancy weddings and not make the same mistakes or have others make the same mistakes that we did :). Thou...[Read More]

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