Month: August 2010

Rico Examines “Evolution and Economics”

  So I’ve been reading Richard Dawkin’s “The Greatest Show on Earth”, interestingly for a guy who is constantly described as condescending and downright mean his book thus far has been really well thought out and pleasant. He’s barely mentioned faith at all and seemed to make an effort to separate faithful from “those people” (Creationists/Young Earthers). He seems genuinely concerned with pe...[Read More]

Weddings and WTF?

  For those curious about the last update, I’ve just been really tired with the incredibly up front racism that’s been on a few 24 hour news stations and the internet at large. Even my facebook has its fair share of “Snicker, Muslims==murderers&&rapists&&terrorists.” That sort of stuff is disheartening, you don’t want to think that your friends are retarded, I of course mean t...[Read More]

Time to Decide: Do you love America?

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. – Thomas Jefferson (Source)   I’ve gotten tired recently of something that has been out of hand since 2001. A small contingency of men set out to terrify an entire nation, and do you know what happened? They did it.   This is bat-shit retarded, there is no reason that we sh...[Read More]

Forums and Retention

  I’ve been thinking, mostly today, about adding a forums back to the website. We get enough unique visitors a day that if one was captured out of every 10 then there would be a noticeably community in a short period of time.   It’s a matter of retention, my updates aren’t nearly as frequent as I’d like them to be. Illness, stress, and just general forgetfulness leave this space with an ...[Read More]

Rico the Grumpguin: Weddings and Noses.

  I think from time to time, when I’m feeling extra grumpy, feeling a few decades older than I actually am that I’ll post what I like to call a “Rico the Grumpguin” talking about what makes or is making me grumpy. These are basically “rants”. These are extremely loosely written, they’ll likely be written when I’m tired, sick, or sick and tired. So feel free to skip any of these when you see t...[Read More]

College is like a Frat Boy…

…in the sense that it’s single mindedly trying little more than to screw you. Though admittedly the college is looking to screw you financially, which for some is a whole lot more dastardly than a one night stand with “Chad” (Yeah we all know what you really want Chad).   College tuition has been routinely increasing at a rate far higher than that of inflation (or any reasonable estimate of a...[Read More]

The Reality of Modern Day Politics

  I’m only pleased about this video for two reasons only (everything else about it disgusts me), one it helps visualize exactly what happened to me on the phone a few days ago. The second is that Anderson Cooper appears to be an actual reporter, I admit that I need to see more of his work before I make such a statement but at least in terms of this interview he did an amazing job.   This...[Read More]

An Attire for any Age

  I am not a Historian, nor am I an editor, both of those things should be infinitely clear just by reading this update (only one being a joke on my behalf). I am finding a very large hurdle in the descriptive side of my story and that hurdle is just how I wish my characters to dress?   It’s not something that originally bothered me, I’ve seen the trick in most stories, using ambiguous t...[Read More]

The Customer is (not) Always Right.

  I’m sure a million and one places are discussing the actions of one Steven Slater, a man who has immediately become the embodiment of something I’ve been dreaming about for years (not with my current job but certainly previous ones).   Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of customers are nice people, they admit when they are ignorant, they try to get a good deal and they are civil. B...[Read More]

Operation 52 – Week 12

  Another book down, 40 to go, I begin this week (right after I finish this post) another great Epic. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, an 832 Page Tome of all 5 stories (with one extra) of Douglas Adams’ famous series. It had a movie made about it believe, I never saw it but I’m interested to read the book. I’ve also recieved “The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evoluti...[Read More]

Cooler Heads Prevail

  I will only touch on this lightly since the man in question doesn’t deserve even the slightest bit of recognition in life (a life that by all estimates has largely been wasted it seems), but the idea that Cooler Heads Prevail is not one that I believe to be true.   In politics it is the most eccentric and moronic that tend to prevail, they succeed in crushing any hope for lower and mid...[Read More]

New Website Layout, New Advertising Options, and Writing Update.

Update: Deleted the 2,000 Spam Accounts made recently and have re-instituted commenting! If your account was lost and you weren’t a spammer I apologize, the deleter was a little free spirited >_>. As you most likely can tell, the website has gotten an overhaul. I found this exquisitely simple layout that still featured the color schemes that I enjoy, snapped it up right quick and put i...[Read More]

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