Month: June 2010

Operation 52 – Week 6

  Well it is official. I have read the largest book thus far for the Operation 52 project of mine. At 1,074 pages it was a veritable tome of information. In the end I’m pleased with how it ended, I do again feel those pains in the back of my mind as that cast of characters flutters away. But I must admit that at least this time I did feel that I couldn’t have stuck with them for much longer. ...[Read More]

Rico examines “The Journey”

  So I’ve been plotting, in between the various books I’ve read over the last 5 weeks. Trying too see how to do it, how to develop characters that are full enough to complete my own insatiable needs. I am, first and foremost, an addict, though not in the conventional sense. I am an addict of stories, of themes, of ideas, of individual beings, I need these things to feel complete. The lesser l...[Read More]

Operation 52 – Week 4 and 5!

  It has certainly been a while! I’ve finished two books since we last saw an update on this here website. I’m officially done with the tales of Harry Potter, I’m not sure it really ended on an ending but it wasn’t a bad story. It’s one of those tales that does somewhat seem like it would be better suited for a many seasons long television show or continuous story. The universe was uniquely p...[Read More]

Operation 52 – Week 3

  Another week another novel down! I still haven’t gotten my Wisdom Tooth removed but we have a few names that I’ll be looking into this week. I’ll probably be dropping 500 dollars on the removal (if the internet isn’t lying about the cost) and that’ll leave me quite poor. But luckily I have already got the books in my planned reading in possession so that won’t hinder this.    As f...[Read More]

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