Rico Examines “Arizona: A Final Thought”

  So I’ve discussed this many times across the internet but I’ve never posted about it here. So I feel now is a good time. There are four issues people have with illegal immigration that I would like to address. These are all of course Myths :). The first is that Illegal Immigration costs the nation financially. The second is that Illegal Immigration leads to higher crime rates. The third is that illegal immigration steals jobs from American Citizens. The Fourth is that Illegal Immigrants have no rights.

  Arizona has argued that Illegal Immigration and Hispanics in particular have been the sole (if not at least the largest) cause of their financial plight. This is an easy target as technically if any of them march on you they can be deported. Regardless even Fox news has attacked this. In an article entitled “Despite Rhetoric, Illegal Immigration Provides Benefits to States.” they note that as of 2006 Arizona made 424.7 Million dollars off of illegal immigrants and that between 50 to 75 percent of them pay federal, state, and local income tax.

  If you were curious all states with illegal immigrants have similar findings. Likewise the alienation of the illegal immigrant population is likely to cause the bankruptcy of Arizona. Perhaps the most fitting way for the state to collapse economically, beneath an irony that creates its own point singularity.

  The next one is that illegal immigration leads to higher crime rates. The truth behind this can be found in studies at every level of government (and some independent ones). Just quickly I’ll note “Immigration: No Correlation With Crime” as a good starting point. There is no higher chance that an illegal immigrant will commit a crime over a legal one. The only real correlation is that economic stability leads to lower crime rates. Whenever a person or group of persons is left with an economic gap they will take avenues to fill that gap. Generally that means committing crimes. Any nation that provides its people with a stable life will in turn have a model citizenship. Mental instability not included (always a variable). In fact if we stopped hunting illegals and allowed them to report crimes safely they’d be more likely to do so and far less likely to be targeted by criminals (as they wouldn’t be a free hit). The same goes for prostitutes, our moralizing leaves them in a dangerous situation that would not exist if it were legal (Example: Any legal ranch in Nevada).

  Thirdly we have that illegal immigrants are stealing the jobs from American’s. This is another one with bountiful sources of information but they all require the bane of many American’s lives…reading. To those that have made it this far I trust that you are apt to reading and thusly lay this upon you “Shipping Jobs Overseas: How Real is the Problem?” as a jumping off point for research. The Jobs that American’s want and the jobs that Americans actually fill are lost because of overseas movement of jobs. Free Trade and demand for cheap goods has lead to companies moving all their “One Job for a Household” jobs to other nations like China and India. Hispanics and Illegal Immigrants in General take jobs that are always open, jobs that nearly no American wants. The likelihood of you wanting a job and a Hispanic “taking it” are very very slim. Unless Illegals have started moving into management positions all over the south.

  Finally we have the idea that Illegal Immigrants have no rights. This particular train of thought has boggled my mind so hard I feared I might be stricken stupid. All people have, by belief of the United States very foundation, Inalienable or “Natural” Rights. These rights stem from the very fact that we are human and can never be negated. For those wanting a fantastic jumping off point for this research “Natural and Legal Rights”. There are certain legal rights as a citizen that Illegal Immigrants do not have. This is an unfortunate situation that stems more from us wishing to not dictate too many freedoms to enemy soldiers than it does from pro-American immigrants.

  Which is where my problem with this whole situation arises. These are not anti-American extremists, these are people who largely love the United States. Who can tell you more about United States History and Culture than anyone legal you live near. They know more about United States Presidents than college graduates and, given the same social and economic blessings that regular citizens hope to have, they are just as wonderful as any other person. Because at heart, these are just ordinary people, who are being treated as if they were brought over on a boat from Africa. As if they are somehow less than human, worthy of being treated as cattle. Just as the slaves of times past in the US should have never been treated as they were, we stand now at a time when Hispanics and people from all nations who wish to come here and support us should be treated with the respect they earned the moment the desire to live here spawned.

  We are a nation of immigrants, a nation of people who originally forced their way into an already habited nation and took over. To think that we would judge now people coming in peacefully and attempting as hard as they can to assimilate is not only hypocrisy but it is also an example of our character that the entire nation looks upon with shame.

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