Operation 52 – Week 1

  Well I’ve finished the first week and am fairly pleased with the results! My reading speed is much lower than it once was but with practice I’m sure it will improve. I’ve extracted, what I think is, some interest data! So here I am to bring it to the foreground to all of you!

  First we’ll look at the pages per minute achieved during each reading session. I got this data from writing down my start times, my end times, and the total pages read. Fairly simple math from there.

Pages Per Minute

The red line is the average pages but can also be considered the optimum reading level.

  I only peaked out over the average reading rate a few times. Those also happened to be some of my longer reading runs. I found that my reading levels are similar to a car at a traffic light. It takes a little big to get going once it turns green, but with sufficient time I will get much faster than that initial period right when the light changes. There were two exceptionally short reading periods, one on the 23rd which actually started after a shower that itself started after the 22nd’s reading session and on the 21st when I got a copy of the game “Tropico 3” for 7 dollars and found myself losing track of time.

  Speaking of long and short reading session here is another fun chart.

Pages Per Minute

Again the red line was the average necessary or my goal. I was under it most of the time.

  I’m not too worried about my performance this time. Becoming an avid reader is not something that hits most folks overnight. I’m working out my life schedule and trying to get more regular reading times. Ideally if I can supplement this with excercise in the mornings and healthier eating habits I could have what I’m sure my body would consider “An Ideal Lifestyle.” We’ll edge into this slowly as temptations are far too grand to try and do it all cold turkey.

  For future titles I’ll switch the actual dates to “Day 1/Day2/Day3..” and so on. That way I can overlap them and we can look at improvements overtime in pages read per day and overall PPM. (Note: The keen eye will notice it already on the first graph. I borked my math so poorly I had to go back and fix it.)

  About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

  It was certainly an interesting read. Rowling has a way of making time irrelevant, which given this particular books events is a humorous statement to make. Hours can wash away in a sentence so well that it hardly offends the senses at all. The characters are all very well thought out and I often find myself wishing that I hung out with Hagrid. Crookshanks seemed to be an appropriate hint towards Hermoine’s love for “Gingers” which if my memory of the movies serves me well enough is a nice subtle foreshadowing.

  I am looking forward to moving onto my next book and will likely start a day early tonight. After this week anytime I finish a book early I’ll take a stab at using the remaining days to write more details for my story. See if I can gather ideas for how to develop environments, people, and as I mentioned above: timelines.

  So for a refresher below is my 8 week plan. Once Month 1 has been obliterated I will present my plans for Month 3. The more I read the more this seems like a very doable goal. Perhaps I could start some sort of movement? That would be quite a treat.

Fun Facts:

* I read roughly 54.6 pages an hour. Which means I can figure out almost exactly how long I need to read everyday at my current speed. For example the next book will require I read 1.95 hours or 117.58 minutes each night to accomplish my goal.

* Since I’ve begun reading I’ve been getting tired at an earlier hour and sleeping much more soundly than before I was reading. I look at these as positives that overtime may provide me with the early morning waking that is necessary to begin exercising in the mornings.

Month 1:

  Week 1: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling (448 Pages / 64 Pages Nightly)
  Week 2: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling (752 Pages / 107 Pages Nightly)
  Week 3: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – J.K. Rowling (870 Pages / 125 Pages Nightly)
  Week 4: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling (652 Pages / 93 Pages Nightly)

Month 2:

  Week 5: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling (784 Pages / 112 Pages Nightly)
  Week 6: Under the Dome: A Novel – Stephen King (1074 Pages / 153 Pages Nightly)
  Week 7: Foundation and Empire – Isaac Asimov (272 Pages / 38 Pages Nightly)
  Week 8: Second Foundation – Isaac Asimov (272 Pages / 38 Pages Nightly)


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