ADIOS: The King of Spes: Votum.

Votum by DM (Alpha)  Votum, the lord of all Spes, goes only by one name. This name was not always his, though his real name is no longer known. During the battle of the Great Divide Votum clashed with not only the common enemy of Vitis but also with traitors amongst his own people. He was not at this time the king, nor was he a high ranking soldier, however the experience brought him to the edge of death. It was at this moment that he came face to face with Adageo the Seraphim of Valor.

What was spoken is unknown, however he was bestowed with two gifts; the name that all worship and the transformation into the demigod that he is now known as today. Birthed from the bloodied and shattered frame that was his former self rose a titan amongst mere mortals. Standing as a tower of power at the epicenter of a sea of death Votum peered off towards the soldiers who felt their victory certain. He howled with such fury and vindication that it echoed for miles. Every eye, every blade, every tensed muscle was prepped because of, and upon, his presence. An army of ten thousand men rushed at Votum, and hundreds more from the traitorous rank and file that had killed all his friends and countrymen. The first hundred dropped with nothing but quaking fists, from them he armed himself with everything he could carry and began to reap his way through the battle field. Arrows were swatted from the air, shields were shattered, and blades cracked and dulled beneath his endless swings.

  It would be many hours before the last remnants of the assault fled from the hulking mass that was Votum. He spent days burying every fallen soldier of Spes that lie on that battlefield. The tale of his conquest spread not only across Vitis but through whispers and dark alleyways of Spes itself. As he marched back, alone, to the center of his homeland he was greeted with wonder and cheers from the people who would soon crown him their king.

  Votum is a passionate lord who sees all in his nation as his children. However the events of that battle have forever scarred him, his heart skips a beat with every shiver across his nation, the fear that any of those he holds so dear could betray him. Each crime that transpires is like a scorching iron poker to his eye. Votum, unknown to his people, spends many hours at the deepest recesses of Mt. Votum screaming as his mind is taunted with paranoia and despair. However amongst it all he still presents himself as powerful and immovable.

  His powers are not only of sheer physical absurdity but Votum has also gathered an extra perception that aids in his quest to cleanse his lands of any taint. If Votum peers into the eyes of any living being he will begin to see all the things they have done recently, playing back in reverse from the moment he peers into their eyes. Though he rarely uses it as most traitors cease their onslaught upon meeting the great king in person.

  At his heart, Votum is alone, a nation of brilliance and prosperity surrounds him, a collection of the greatest minds command every inch of his land beneath his watch, and yet amongst all this he is utterly alone. This perhaps, above all else, is his only weakness. A weak link just waiting to be tugged.

  Special Mention: Thanks Dave for a great concept Image. He made this in the time it takes me to make a sandwich. Always a pleasure and an honor. Note to people curious, the golden visor is a temporary placement it isn’t actually intended :).

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