Month: April 2010

Rico Examines “Technology and Depression”

  I was discussing this topic with my Mother-In-Law a short while back and felt it was interesting enough to post here. If you disagree, imagine instead I’m talking about puppies, because everyone loves puppies.   We’ll begin with the subject of change and the effects of it on our psyche. I don’t believe I’ll be citing anything today, so if you disagree with my points go check out case s...[Read More]

IIWP (If I was President): Taxation

  On occasion I think I’m going to write something about what I’d do if I was President. Now more accurately these are things I’d do if I was a dictator. But we’ll assume that in this fantasy universe the President is not surrounded by a bunch of charismatic but utterly hollow individuals. In this theoretically universe the government is a group of people who actually care about the people wh...[Read More]

ADIOS: The King of Spes: Votum.

  Votum, the lord of all Spes, goes only by one name. This name was not always his, though his real name is no longer known. During the battle of the Great Divide Votum clashed with not only the common enemy of Vitis but also with traitors amongst his own people. He was not at this time the king, nor was he a high ranking soldier, however the experience brought him to the edge of death. It wa...[Read More]

Rico Examines “The Beauty of Mathematics.”

  I am a huge fan of numbers. I love statistics dearly and enjoy any sort of comparative diagram. Especially when dealing on the astronomical scale, the reality of how small I truly am is very exciting and opens doors in the mind that are difficult to get ajar. They never seem to open wide but just trying is such a treat.   Mathematics, is at its heart, the only subjective truth in the u...[Read More]

Rico Examines “Graphics Vs. Gameplay”

  There is, I believe, a failure that has formed in the gaming world. A runaway train that has consistently produced poorer and poorer follow ups to previous titles. This has been masked well by the main cause of the problem but under a somewhat objective placement of content you’ll find that games today in many fields are no more innovative than titles from the mid to late nineties.   G...[Read More]

Rico Examines “People, Politics, and Pretense.”

  Basically anyone who has read an article about politics has seen an astounding statement of just how “Out of Touch” the politicians involved are. When people talk about the efficiency of businesses versus government run operations there is a distinct separation of the two. As if there is some magical race of beings that are running one versus the other.   Lets first establish what peop...[Read More]

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