The Macabre

  I’m a fairly young man, most of the time I don’t even think about it, but then there are those days. I in part blame the recent healthcare battles between the two unusually short sighted parties that make up this adorably dysfunctional American political system.

  I find that it is only exacerbated by me currently watching a marathon of House M.D.. Now I understand to a small degree some of the intricate ways that our minds try to correlate everything we experience to ourselves and to other things we know. As it stands I’m fairly certain I’ll actually make it to at least my 50th birthday. Now I’m hoping for at least triple digits but I tend to be a realist. Perhaps a naive realist (in other words not one).

  But I was thinking about the Macabre (Macab?) and how much we are infatuated with death. It is the greatest of ends (dare I say the ultimate one), it is something so powerful in our psyche’s that we create entire stories around just what happens instead of death. I even wonder just how much of our infatuation with death ties in with the nearly violent battle against national healthcare.

  Imagine if you will the concept at its rawest. There are quite literally people who find problems in the idea of preventing disease, pain, or death. There are literally people who see life-health-as a business. This is, to me, the ultimate erotic obsession with the macabre. I can in no way describe how disgusting this view is. There are no amount of words, no amount of gestures, no amount of violent acts, no amount of hypocrisy, I can think of no level of anything that would describe or display just how much I detest these people.

  Is it extreme? Oh yes. Is it short sighted? I’m sure. However this is true. Because at the end of the day, I feel nauseous to the point of nearly vomiting just by discussing death. When I feel minor discomfort I immediately assume it is something that is cutting off years from my life. All of these feelings, each of them compounded a trillion times over would not nearly be as bad as any of them actually being true. I cannot even truly grasp the terror of finding out that your life is about to end, even if that about is 20 years from now. The ultimate macabre is that all these fears, all these pains, and indeed millions of lives could all be spared, but they are not because of a bottom line.

  Personally, and again I’m sure this is part of my own hypocritical naivety, there is no amount of money that is too much to stop these fears and these realities. Mainly because there is no amount of money that has value when everyone is gone.

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