I.W.A.S. – Deki Stargazer

Waz: Hi. Welcome to an Interview with a Scionian. The goal with these interviews will be to help flesh out the inhabitants of the IoS universe. Our first guest in this series is none other than Deki Stargazer. Welcome Deki.

Deki: Thank you Waz! I’m very flattered that you decided to pick me for the first interview. So many people to choose from and you go and choose little ole me.

Waz: Don’t be silly. You are the protagonist of the first book, you are the natural choice for the first interview. A milestone if you will, so shall we begin?

Deki: Of course. Ask away.

Waz: What would you say is the most remarkable thing about you?

Deki: Wow. That’s a tough question. I’m often told that being a blue orc is pretty remarkable. People gawk at me and whisper about me. It’s enough to make you insecure. I also can’t remember anything from my life before the Alten incident.

Waz: Do you have any formal training in combat or arts?

Deki: Not really no. I have gotten better at fighting lately but it has hardly been formal training. Unless you count highwaymen trying to rob you as formal.

[Deki and Waz Laugh]

Waz: No I can’t say that I can.

Deki: As for arts, I have recently gotten interested in writing a diary. I don’t think that counts either but it has helped me.

Waz: You say it helped you. Are you referring to your amnesia?

Deki: Yes. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause, it is hard. Sometimes I can feel my own memories melting away.

Waz: That’s pretty intense. Has there been any further loss of memories since Alten?

Deki: That’s the unfortunate thing here. I don’t know. I’d imagine so as I have some holes in what happened. Whenever I feel these memory holes I assume that I’ve lost something forever.

Waz: Not to change subjects but we are limited on time. How would you describe your personality?

Deki: Insecure maybe. But certainly caring, I don’t want to see anyone innocent hurting. I get uncomfortable in serious situations. I like to use comedy to help ease any situation like that. Then again I’m not all that funny so it only seems to help me most times. If I were to describe myself in a short alliteration I’d say something like “Nice, Neurotic and Nerdy.”

Waz: What food do you like best? If it isn’t a single food then perhaps a food type.

Deki: I’m a big fan of anything spicy. Spicy and really warm foods, I like the feeling in my tummy.

[Waz flips through interview notes]

Waz: Have you ever been in a war before?

Deki: Objectively I want to say no. But subjectively I feel like that would be a lie. I’m sure being blue I’d stand out like a firefly at midnight, I’d surely get wounded or worse. War scares me to death.

Waz: How do you feel about death? Not necessarily in yourself but witnessing it.

Deki: I fall apart. I’m not good in those sort of situations. The adrenaline is nice but otherwise it is a terrible experience.

Waz: You say “I fall” and not any form of hypothetical, are you eluding that you may have already been involved in this sort of incident?

Deki: Is there anything else you want to ask me? I am also on a short time frame.

Waz: Well by all means we could reschedule for a second interview at a later date? Would that be best for you.

Deki: Yes. I think I would really prefer that. It was a pleasure Waz.

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