Month: November 2009

Why shouldn’t we be here?

  People often ask the question of “Why are we here?” Which I believe I’ve touched on before but most recently it popped a similar thought into my head. To be succinct “Why Not?” Of the massive number of possible formula’s for universes that could possibly exist each has the same chance of existing as every other universe.   Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and every other science that I d...[Read More]

I.W.A.S. – Deki Stargazer

Waz: Hi. Welcome to an Interview with a Scionian. The goal with these interviews will be to help flesh out the inhabitants of the IoS universe. Our first guest in this series is none other than Deki Stargazer. Welcome Deki. Deki: Thank you Waz! I’m very flattered that you decided to pick me for the first interview. So many people to choose from and you go and choose little ole me. Waz: Don’t be si...[Read More]

The Macabre

  I’m a fairly young man, most of the time I don’t even think about it, but then there are those days. I in part blame the recent healthcare battles between the two unusually short sighted parties that make up this adorably dysfunctional American political system.   I find that it is only exacerbated by me currently watching a marathon of House M.D.. Now I understand to a small degree so...[Read More]

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