The Isle of Tartaro

  The Isle of Tartaro is a land of ever raging flame. Seas of Magma and Streams of Sulfur travel through the valleys paved from the hardened lava rocks of ever present Volcanoes. The reach of the isle grows as the years pass from the rolling molten landscape.

  Citizens of Tartaro, and fauna in general is largely stone and metal based, beings of immensely long age. Because of these long lifespans everything in Tartaro moves at a different pace than expected, commerce, religion, war, birth rates, each has been changed over the centuries.

  Tartaro is an Isle of ever changing and ever growing wonder, new pieces of land are exposed as explosions tear the land asunder. Forests of crystal reflect the heat that beats down from the clouds of debri and sulfur above the Isle.

  While utterly inhospitable to anyone not accustomed to the land, Tartaro is truly a land of unique beauty, a place that few can traverse but none can deny.


  My plan is to begin writing a short story about an explorer who has recently discovered an onyx forest and the ruptured cave within (and finally what is found within there…oh my). I haven’t named them yet but that should come very soon! Likely within the next 24 hours. Much like my previous story about Calmius this will actually be a very important story to keep in mind in the not too distant future.

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