ADIOS: The Scionic Calendar

  Every Month in the Scionic Calendar has 28 days in it. This number is derived from the 27 known Lesser Seraphim, each day of the month has a special sub name derived from the names of these entities. The 28th day is a special day in each month that is considered a time of prosperity that even the most war torn nation observes and respects, mainly for fear of repercussions from the Seraphim themselves.

  The Months themselves are named after the Seraphim Lords and Barons. Of which there are 13 in total. This conveniently enough results in a year that is 364 days long and thusly makes all understanding of events transpiring in the land of Scion relatively simple. It works out almost too well.

  In Order from the beginning of the year to the end the months are, Aurin, Chas, Kalmine, Dimil, Gefil, Hidrone, Ghein, Thananus, Kalma, Atune, Tartun, Phobus, and Scius. The Calendar has been in action for so long that even after the seemingly eternal separation of each Isle they each still use the same Calendar (unbeknownst to them).

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