ADIOS: The Forbidden

  In an almost impossible manner, while all Isles are separated to the most extreme of degrees, the Forbidden still exist. More widely known as “The Cult of the Forbidden” these groups of beings, each a select few from the races of their staple Isle, are searching for rare artifacts known as the “Shards of Thanatos”.

  No group has ever met another and yet they each work hardily and without halt towards this ultimate goal. Each connected by some dark event in their life, murder of a loved one, theft of innocence, or some other agent that drove them to the darkest of followings. None of them knows for sure what will come of their acquisition but many pray that it will bring closure to their tattered souls.

  Assassinations, disappearances, and other acts of secret destruction can safely and accurately be tied back to these groups. Even on the most pious of nations these groups exist and they seem almost unstoppable, if only because so few believe they exist. A slick sliver of steel stabbing deeply into the spine without ever being seen are they.

  Some forty shards are all that stand between the entire planet of Scion and what many assume to be the darkest of days. The ceasing of time and quite truly the ultimate end.

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