Month: October 2009

Grunty and the God Factory (First Draft)

A Contest Entry for a Grunty Pet in WoW :P. – – – Mengsk approached the small metallic insect that stood motionless upon his desk. "Jenson! Do you think this will really work?" Jenson pressed a few small buttons on the plate protecting his skull, each giving off a distinct click as they depressed. The little insect began to animate on the table before them, its teeth ch...[Read More]

New URL! has shrunk to Mainly because it is much quicker to say, so when you tell someone to check out the sight you don’t have to spell everything :). I’ll also be posting the first draft of a story for a contest for a game ;).

Avatar of Passion – Ignis the Tyro Pyro (A Short Story)

First Draft of Avatar of Passion – Ignis the Tyro Pyro, please leave any thoughts here or (the more popular option) by email. This is also in my drop box for anyone signed up for that. – – – Day 1 of Expedition to Onyx Forest, 3rd of Gefil: Day 1 of the Expedition has been quite fruitful. Adura and Myself have found the recently formed Onyx forests. Reports of the newly bir...[Read More]

ADIOS: The Scionic Calendar

  Every Month in the Scionic Calendar has 28 days in it. This number is derived from the 27 known Lesser Seraphim, each day of the month has a special sub name derived from the names of these entities. The 28th day is a special day in each month that is considered a time of prosperity that even the most war torn nation observes and respects, mainly for fear of repercussions from the Seraphim ...[Read More]

ADIOS: The Forbidden

  In an almost impossible manner, while all Isles are separated to the most extreme of degrees, the Forbidden still exist. More widely known as “The Cult of the Forbidden” these groups of beings, each a select few from the races of their staple Isle, are searching for rare artifacts known as the “Shards of Thanatos”.   No group has ever met another and yet they each work hardily and with...[Read More]

The Isle of Tartaro

  The Isle of Tartaro is a land of ever raging flame. Seas of Magma and Streams of Sulfur travel through the valleys paved from the hardened lava rocks of ever present Volcanoes. The reach of the isle grows as the years pass from the rolling molten landscape.   Citizens of Tartaro, and fauna in general is largely stone and metal based, beings of immensely long age. Because of these long ...[Read More]

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