Month: September 2009

Talent in the World.

  I often wonder how many people are overlooked in the world. There are something like 7 billion people in the world, that is an absolutely astounding number. While we all generally have similar organic configurations the slight variations in each person entail that something amazing can be done by them.   But it troubles me that so many could die before their talents are discovered. So ...[Read More]

Donation Services

It has come to my attention that paypal isn’t working for folks. I’ll look around but if anyone knows of a better donation service (as opposed to just telling me to find one, since that isn’t entirely helpful) I’d love to know. Feel free to comment here or use the more popular option of emailing me via the ask rico function on the site. Thanks much and hopefully soon I’ll have more here. Been work...[Read More]

The Failure of the Terror Alert

  I’m sure at this point most people know how futile the “Terror Alert” system is. There are no guidelines for how to act nor is there really a good outline of “Why” or “What” the increased or decreased terror alerts entail.   If you go back far enough they essentially had a system like this during the cold war. However it was pretty straight forward. You knew if it was going we were bei...[Read More]

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