Month: August 2009

The Power of a Proper Education

    The US and likely most people who are attached to the capitalist system believe that money can heal all wounds. However as nice as that would be it is generally not the case. It is incredibly pleasant for me to see that I’m not the only person that sees this and indeed I’m not the only one that sees the true cure for many many wounds.     The one of the two fellow...[Read More]

Video Games, God, and Creationism.

  There is something remarkable about video games. The sheer scope of what can be done even in the simplest of senses is astounding. Frogger even presented you with a universe (however small) where you interacted with a moving environment and dealt with ever present adversity. From there it has gotten all the more complicated, with creatures and characters becoming more and more lifelike. Spo...[Read More]

Why “Anti” is the ignorant approach to Abortion and the proper approach.

  Now I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of killing anyone. I find it highly unfortunate that we at times place ourselves in situations where people are killed or where it becomes difficult to support the sustained life of a certain person. It’s a shame and indeed is a global problem.   However on that note of killing there is another major problem with (at the very least) the US’s general ta...[Read More]

Future Updates (They Exist)

  I’ve finished up the last of my college so expect updates (some very noticeable even) to be coming on a regular basis soon. Maybe not daily, but we’ll see what we can accomplish :). So much like the future, while not technically existing (misleading headers tisk tisk) it is certain to come.

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