The Alabaster Bonobo: Sea of Silk

The floor of the castle was covered from wall to wall in rolling layers of silk and satin. The folds of fabric mimicked the tides of the sea as Deprideo made his way towards the King’s chambers. Polished Marble Columns reflected the gold and silver that adorned every exposed inch of the room.

As Deprideo approached, the doorway to the chamber opened to greet him. The motion of the door over the endless waves of silk created a tsunami outwards towards him. The gentle caress of the fabric against his clothing was oddly surreal.

Atop a lavish throne of gold sat the King of Calmius. Very few knew his true name. As was told in stories of the Castle a young girl sat silently upon the King’s lap, he was known for his conquests of all kinds. Deprideo entered the room his hands clasped tightly to the box.

“I was told of your coming.” Said the King; his voice deep and dark as the forest of hair across his exposed chest. “A voice has invaded my dreams for the last week telling me of a young man who would bring me the first gift.”

Deprideo approached cautiously, against ever wall were guards armed with bow and sword prepared to kill any assassin. “So this is why I was allowed entry without question Lord King?”

The King nodded gesturing Deprideo to approach the steps leading up to his throne. “You will place the gift at the bottom of the steps and step back. I will then send…” The King looked down at the young girl silently. “…her to pick it up.”

Deprideo smiled masking the thoughts within. “He holds her prisoner within his home and does not even know her name. Is there any honor to be had amongst conquerors?”

The King snapped his fingers. “Are you all right?”

Deprideo snapped out of his contemplation. “Oh yes! My apologies.” He stepped forward and placed the box upon the bottom of the steps. As it met the silk a ripple ran out in all directions ceasing just short of any guards feet, an ominous sign of events soon to come.

The king gestured the girl off his lap, his massive size exaggerated even further the scale between him and his captive. She hopped down and walked down to the box, her eyes stripped of any sort of spirit, a shell of a once vigorous youth. It disgusted Deprideo to such a degree he wished he too had power to match that of the King. Though…he had something.

The girl carried the box to the King and raised it towards him. His massive paws grasped the box as if it were a breadcrumb. His smile grew against the rigid nature of his frame, a figure of almost pure muscle it was difficult for the King to produce emotions as each muscle jammed up against the next. It was this trait that lead many to nickname him “Coldstone.” A heartless conqueror who made no gesture of emotion towards even the most innocent of victims.

The raising of the box lid seemed to reveal the answers to all things to the King as his eyes grew wide enough to burst. “This!” He dropped the box to the ground nearly hitting his captive. “How did you get this?” Shouted the King who quickly motioned his guards to prep their weapons.

Deprideo stood momentarily confused. “I made it myself.”

Reaching down the King picked the Bonobo from the Box with two meaty fingers and held it towards Deprideo. “I have searched every inch of these lands for this statue. It has haunted my dreams since I was a child. You could not possibly have made it.”

Even behind his nearly frozen face Deprideo could sense fear. “Oh? How do you know?” The guards lifted their bows and prepped arrows.

The King stood from his throne knocking the young girl down the steps. “You are just a boy. There is certainty that one such as you could not construct something so majestic. So tell me boy…who are you?”

Deprideo eyed the King his gaze focusing ever tighter upon the Kings eyes. “I believe at this point the more pertinent question is just who are you?” Deprideo waved his hands through the air showcasing the entire room. “Who are you to think that you deserve all this?”

The King stomped, the shockwave from his foot rocking the foundation and causing everyone in the room to rock back and forth. A single guard misfired and nearly killed Deprideo missing his head by inches. The King shouted. “Lower your weapons you fools!” Returning to Deprideo he continued. “How dare you question my reign. I have crossed the land from edge to edge to gain the world I know rule. What have you done?”

“Me?” Deprideo responded. “I have lived a life of obscurity and I have watched the world crash around me.” Deprideo patted his robe with an open hand. “But I now find myself having conquered the unconquerable. Can you make such a statement?”

The King stepped down to the floor towering over Deprideo. “Crash you say? Is it during this crash that you came into control of this statue? What great misdeed did you commit to come across such perfection?”

Deprideo looked straight up, his neck straining. “I have committed treason and murder.”

The King’s eyes opened wide as he placed his free hand upon the hilt of his massive claymore.

“I betrayed the very unbreakable laws of time and have murdered the old Deprideo. What stands before you is a man untouchable. What you hold in your hands is the seeds of your undoing; you grasp between your clumsy claws my child. What you hold with such ever tightening intrigue is my progeny…my legacy.”

“Above all else I hold the final key to your undoing oh king. I have your name.” A silence fell over the room.

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