ADIOS: Islean

  Islean (Pronouned Ill-lee-an) is another integral part of the story that I feel should be discussed, formerly and rather unprofessionally called “isle walkers” in previous versions of my rough draft this is the new and likely final name of an exceptional class of humanoids.

  As usual this may involve spoilers so I’m going to put it behind a clip.

  The Oceans of Scion are extremely dangerous. The likelihood of successfully crossing them is so low that no nation has sent explorers and had them return. Indeed nearly all nations are under the impression that it is they and only they that exists. This has created a level of extreme isolation on each nation that has lead them all to become embodiments of their governing Seraphim.

  However there is a group of beings that can indeed traverse the seas and reach other Isles. These beings are known as Islean, they come from no particular race and for those who believe in them they are considered merely the blessed of their people. Islean do not necessarily possess exceptional powers outside of their abilities to traverse the seas without harm. However this ability is great enough that many don’t believe they even exist.

  The origin of these blessed ones is not known and the purpose of their existence is equally questionable. As it stands the Seraphim themselves cannot even traverse the seas so this places an unusual amount of freedom to the Islean.

  There is no specific alignment or allegiance that is held across the entire gambit of Islean, each is their own being and as such has their own set of beliefs and party ties. However a very popular profession is thievery seeing as anyone made famous by such deeds can merely traverse to a new isle to start anew.

  Megaroth may rule the sea, but the presence of the Islean surely questions his power.

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