Month: July 2009

ADIOS: Islean

  Islean (Pronouned Ill-lee-an) is another integral part of the story that I feel should be discussed, formerly and rather unprofessionally called “isle walkers” in previous versions of my rough draft this is the new and likely final name of an exceptional class of humanoids.   As usual this may involve spoilers so I’m going to put it behind a clip.

The Alabaster Bonobo: Tides of Chaos by Michael Walker

The following is the pre-edited final version of the short story “The Alabaster Bonobo”. You will notice Grammar problems and that’s why I have a wonderful editor. However as a story I am extremely pleased with how this turned out.   There is a smell of death in the air. As Spiders weave their webs throughout the corridors of cobwebs in hopes of catching the unperceptive. To inject their veno...[Read More]

Thought Experiment: Life and Intelligence

  The following is not necessarily fact, indeed this is just a thought experiment on why I’m not too amazed that there is life or that life can manifest itself from a universe that is seemingly non-living.   I am unsure of the exact mechanics of DNA and RNA. Nor do I know if these are the most basic of building blocks for life. However I am going to assume, for the sake of argument, that...[Read More]

God Vs. The Devil: A Thought Experiment.

  It is often said that God sent the Devil to Hell as punishment for defying him and attempting to overthrow the kingdom of Heaven. Sure this makes absolutely no sense at all but lets just run with it and assume that it does. So with this in mind the Devil has established a very powerful trait, the Devil defies God. This fact enrages the Lord and thusly he reacts win the same manner as any Ty...[Read More]

4 Years of College: What have I learned?

  There have been many lessons over the last 4 years of college for me. I think the greatest of ironies is that little to none of it was intended by the college. The first thing that I learned is that much of what I earned from college was not from any of the curriculum.   If you are moving into Psychology you should expect something very disturbing. Namely the fact that you will be read...[Read More]

The Alabaster Bonobo: Tides of Chaos

(The Following is the first 8 pages of a 15 page short story I’m writing. If you read this fear not, unlike the previous rough drafts the next addendum will actually be new material so you won’t be reading the same thing twice! :D) Spiders thread their webs throughout the cobwebs, every insect gambling with its life as it travels the corridors of dust and line. This system of deception and murder ...[Read More]

The Alabaster Bonobo: Sea of Silk

The floor of the castle was covered from wall to wall in rolling layers of silk and satin. The folds of fabric mimicked the tides of the sea as Deprideo made his way towards the King’s chambers. Polished Marble Columns reflected the gold and silver that adorned every exposed inch of the room. As Deprideo approached, the doorway to the chamber opened to greet him. The motion of the door over the en...[Read More]

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