The Devil Dilemma

  First I’m sure there is a book with this title, its alliteration that really works well between the two words. However I am probably talking about something entirely different. Also I got a big box of magic cards yesterday and not only did I miss myth busters because of the excitement but I also forgot to update. Talk about a brain overload. At any rate.

  As I’ve stated before I tend to think that god (was) is a terrible parent. Put in basically the simplest possible parenting situation God failed terribly and theoretically it was this failure that lead to absolutely every tragedy that has ever unfolded. Hundreds of thousands of women still die every year to childbirth, that’s a single problem that can be compounded with hundreds of thousands of others that cost the lives of millions. But I’m digressing, when we look at the case of God and Parenting the introduction of the Devil comes into play.

   The serpentine form of the Devil coaxed the children like Adam and Eve into devouring the fruit of Knowledge and thus getting them nixed from the garden of Eden. Now this is a prime example of the influential powers of the devil, a being above humanity in power and knowledge (anyone wanting to disagree with that is going to need to get their Ego checked). So we go from the events that ejected the two and the punishment they (and consequently every human after them) received.

    So if in the case of two humans God could not be active enough to help hinder the actions of the devil in persuading God’s children (IE. Humans) how on Earth does anyone reasonably assume that with billions upon billions that God is anywhere near capable to deal with humanity? Especially when between the two (apparently) the Devil has had far more widespread influence. You have huge ‘false’ religions, major wars, endless civil struggles, death and disease across all edges of the world, and every form of government is rife with corruption of varying degrees. Throughout all this each Religion has thought they were the correct one and cite beings who have thought they spoke with God.

    However it is impossible to know if it was God or the Devil influencing any of these people. In fact who is to say that Two Millennia ago it was not the Devil walking the land preparing the world for a future of strife, death, and persecution because of his ‘divinity’? It seems like a wild statement, and indeed it is, but this is a wild topic. There is absolutely no way of knowing whether any event you’ve dealt with or in any way been a part of was influenced by the devil or not, without first admitting that you are more brilliant and perceptive than Angels themselves. I’m sure however that such egotism would only be welcome in one realm of the afterlife and its hardly the one that people are shooting for most times.

    If this is the case it would finally help me understand the idea of Blind Faith. What tool is more destructive than convincing people that they should follow the words of a many times translated storybook over the obvious realities of the world. Of course this also puts us in a pickle of wondering who, if anyone, is the devil. Is it me? Is it the person sitting next to you. Is it the President of France (I doubt it is any of these but I figured I’d ask)?

    We sit on a planet that is not a perfect sphere, in a Solar System we are not the center of, warmed by a huge continuous explosion that is not without blemish, and there are explanations for every previous event that is historically provable and was once thought to be the work of divine intervention. It would appear to me that as time progresses more of various texts are found to be wildly incorrect, which has always felt like a misguidance. Who would desire more to misguide you than some unexplainably selfish being of once divine nature? Other than maybe Corporations (Badumpish).

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