The Alabaster Bonobo: Cogs of Change

There is a moment in the lives of many where they examine the world around them and have a great revelation: They live in poverty. Deprideo was feeling that very moment now, his new found youth had re-established a concern for his surroundings. Wood that once aged with him was now decades older, creaking boards were no longer singing in sync with his once frail shell. He was an alien within his elderly home and it had dawned on him that he had been betrayed.

“To whom shall my child be gifted upon?” The young Deprideo pondered. “Ah yes. I know who shall enjoy this gift.” Eyes gazed around his dusty abode, what would house his child for the journey? Leather satchels seemed too undignified-however holding it for all to see was equally unacceptable. Hours passed as he separated container from container, looking for the perfect complement to his most perfect of creations.

As the sun fell from the sky overhead its light traveled ever so silently through the windows of his decrepit old home. The shimmering of the light off of his Alabaster child caught his eyes, raising himself slowly from a pile of old mismatched junk he followed the beams of sunlight reflecting prominently from the eyes of the Bonobo. Across the room they met squarely at the center of an unassuming brown box made of thin wooden sheets and tanned animal skin.

“So this is what you desire my child?” Deprideo said. “Then it is decided. This shall be your home until you reach your first guest.”

Deprideo gazed down at himself and came to a quick conclusion. “These clothes just won’t do. I look like an old man, just not complimentary to my newfound youth at all.” Rubbing the head of his statue Deprideo quickly moved into his room in hopes of collecting a perfect garb for his travels.

“This should be a celebration of sorts. I am young again and I have a god child. If ever there was one as lucky as I; I am not so sure.” In his old age Deprideo had seen little use for new clothing, he had worn the same torn and dirtied fabrics for years. Since much of his day was spent working he saw little reason to clean up, his clients only saw him for minutes. His time was too precious to be wasting on such petty actions.

Though now he was with child and mustn’t embarrass his kin. “Ah! Here we go. These old robes should do nicely.” A pair of emerald green robes, lined with golden embellishments had been hiding at the back of his wardrobe for untold years. It required quite a dusting to prepare it for this most momentous of occasions.

Deprideo placed the Bonobo within its chosen enclosure and placed the top on it lightly. “Rest my child. Tomorrow shall be the first day of your reign. Make sure not to forget about me.” The sun had now vanished past the horizon, as the moon glowed overhead Deprideo stared off across the city he had for so long called home.

The city had long found itself growing aside an ever rising hill, with the Castle of the Capital residing almost mockingly upon the top. It could be seen from any point in the city and served as a reminder of just where the leaders of the people felt they belonged: Above all others, in both importance and in power.

Making his way from his home Deprideo made no effort to lock or even close his door. He knew it would be of no matter once he delivered his child to the King. There was a level of excitement within his veins that was nearly unmanageable; he could feel his heart a flutter with a feeling not unlike love. Slowly he made his way towards the Castle, rubbing the box and speaking lightly to the Bonobo within.

“The stars shine brightly for you my child; dare I say they shine for us both.” Deprideo said. It was a quiet night; wind flowed lightly across the dusty streets shaking each flimsy shop sign as it went. Candles were aglow in the homes of those who dared not sleep without one last read. Guards patrolled the alleyways and all was as it should be. It was an unremarkable night and in this was what excited Deprideo the most. For amidst the unremarkable lies the cogs that placed correctly can generate the motions for something grand.

He could see the machine turning within his mind, a vibrant thing of many shapes and uses. It was these machinations that turned the walk to the castle into a seemingly momentary event. Two miles of pacing seemed to have transpired in a mere moment. As he found himself standing before the castle a voice spoke seductively in his ear. “I have shed the time for which neither of us appreciates. Tonight you shall deliver us to the King Deprideo. Tonight you shall become something great.”

Marching up to the large steel bolted doors Deprideo stopped before the guards. Two men clad from head to toe in armor, each grasping tightly onto long iron lances.

“The King has been expecting you Deprideo.” Said one of the guards. “You will enter at once.” Continued the other.

With a smile that threatened to tear his own cheeks Deprideo responded. “Marvelous.”

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