A Morning in the Life of Frank and April

A short story exercise from one of my courses today. Transcribed onto the super fantastic internets for all to see.

"Syrup". Frank’s comment broke the silence of the morning. He continued. "Is it too much to expect syrup?"

"Why don’t you get it yourself. The exercise will be good for you."

April pointed to the cupboard and in the same motion ran her fingers through her hair.

"I hear getting things yourself is all the rage these days."

"Now come on dear. We all know that waffles and syrup is like marriage and misery, you can’t properly have one without the other."

Frank slowly cut into his dry-syrup deprived-waffle.

"I suppose dying from malnourishment is the best way to go."

April did not look towards frank, her buttered Waffles were more than adequate. The standoff would remain.

"So Frank? I heard the Collins’ are going to Hawaii."

Frank grinned. "Yeah? Do they have a discount if you leave your wife there?"

"I wish I could be so lucky."

April began chewing her waffle, mouth agape.

"Delicious" She said as bits of waffle landing on the table.

"I swear I married a pig."

"If you marriage a pig then I married an Ass."

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