Month: June 2009

A Morning in the Life of Frank and April

A short story exercise from one of my courses today. Transcribed onto the super fantastic internets for all to see. "Syrup". Frank’s comment broke the silence of the morning. He continued. "Is it too much to expect syrup?" "Why don’t you get it yourself. The exercise will be good for you." April pointed to the cupboard and in the same motion ran her finger...[Read More]

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance Is a tragic romance of what is and what is not of what actually was and how we think it was Fatal fantasy of a fictitious reality leading wars and tragedies prominently into now Cognitive Dissonance masked behind morality greatest tragedy to ever befall man as it strips the ease as much as it can fed by frail minds of all kinds Cognitive Dissonance sitting kingly upon a throne...[Read More]

The Alabaster Bonobo: Cogs of Change

There is a moment in the lives of many where they examine the world around them and have a great revelation: They live in poverty. Deprideo was feeling that very moment now, his new found youth had re-established a concern for his surroundings. Wood that once aged with him was now decades older, creaking boards were no longer singing in sync with his once frail shell. He was an alien within his el...[Read More]

The Alabaster Bonobo: Progenitor of Chaos

The Following is the first Short Story to be brought from my Short Story course to the site. Expect many more. Not necessarily of this quality (or perhaps better quality). It has been five weeks since Deprideo first laid eyes upon the block. An innocent looking cube of Alabaster resting silently upon his workshop table. Not a matter of desire, or lack thereof, had hindered the old man’s prog...[Read More]

The Baloney Detection Kit by Michael Shermer

  Since this video is 14 minutes (nearly 15) I’ll leave you with this today. This is the best video I’ve ever watched on youtube, some of you may not enjoy it but I feel it was fantastically done and deserves every view it gets.

Thought Experiment: Bilateral Cloning

  When discussing cloning there is a general question of whether or not the new clone would retain the memories of its parent organism. Generally speaking I can think of absolutely no reason why this would be the case however it got me thinking.   I believe I’ve discussed before the fact that the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain can function while entirely separated...[Read More]

“…how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go”

  I’m sure I’ve quoted this enough times that it looks like I’d sleep with Galileo or at the very least take him to dinner (which I surely would…dinner that is). This phrase is, to me, one of the most powerful statements in the history of civilized man. The full line is "The Bible was written to show us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go."   While I am known for my rat...[Read More]

Returning Tomorrow

  I know for some of my daily readers it has likely been a long week. Tomorrow will be the return of the Spelunking. I already have two topics that have been previously discussed but deserve a new glossing over and am likely to have plenty to discuss about the universe of Scion. Again I appreciate all the new users that join up (you know the non spambot ones) and hopefully I can get around to...[Read More]


I’m a bit late but I wanted to inform folks I will basically not have access to internet and/or PC’s for the next week. So unfortunately the site won’t be updated between now and then :). But once I’m back we’ll start right back up. Enjoy your vacation and see you soon.

Liberalism vs. Conservatism: A Thought

  Now I am probably overlooking something very obvious. But for the life of me, I can’t help but notice that every great genocide, every worldwide injustice, and basically every major negative event that you can find in history books was committed by either a conservative nation or governing body.   Even now basically the most violent countries in the world are lead by extremely conserva...[Read More]

Dinosaurs: The Final Exam (Part 2 of 2)

  Alright the last exam for Dinosaurs is today so lets discuss the two final topics, swimming reptiles and (appropriately enough) Extinction.  I’ll use my original style for Dinosaur exams because frankly I’m pretty tired. Short and long-necked plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs. Their relative speeds and individual characteristics?   Plesiosaurs were likely the slowest of the...[Read More]

Museums and Architecture Final Paper: Bilbaoblivion

When you walk into the art and museum section of your local library there are a few common themes you will likely always find, collections of classical works, the impact of a particular era of art, and the positive or negative effect of Museum Architecture on the world of Art. I am particularly interested in the latter of these, in the existence of a phenomenon that while not recent has been given...[Read More]

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