Turbine Brakes?

  image (Image from: toolmonger)

    The vehicle above moves hundreds of tons of material and can stop exceptionally fast. It is moved and stopped both by coils instead of break pads. Now I’m not a scholar in the mechanics but my understanding is that for propulsion the coils are far more delicate and accurate than your general motor system in a car. While this might not be efficient for smaller vehicles it is necessary for something this absolutely monstrous.

  But here is the thing, this thing generates enough energy each day by itself to power an entire home for a year. The problem is the energy is just fed off through the vents opposite the drivers seat. This to me seems like a very important energy source that is utterly ignored. Some sort of cartridge system where they would remove a large power pack during each dump and replace it (preferably using a robotics system because of the heat involved).

  In fact I’m extremely curious how effective this system would be in everyday cars. When you talk about speeds reached on a highway it would seem to me that substantial levels of energy would be drawn each time a car had to stop. Likewise if this system can stop this many ton vessel it should have absolutely no trouble stopping a car. Likewise I haven’t read anything in the way of repairs for these pieces so I would postulate that they have much better life spans than current breaking systems.

  It’s an intriguing idea that has got me wanting to know more about the mechanics of those coils. As it stands they look like a fantastically overlooked source of energy. It is certainly not renewable energy but it takes something otherwise negative and adds a nice layer of positive to it. Anyone with information can drop it by the Ask Rico link up top. I’d be very appreciative.

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