The nature of odds.

  I don’t think I could ever become a gambler now. In my Magic the Gathering decks I have (or rather had till now) 15 lands in a deck of 60, in theory that is 1 land for every 4 cards drawn. I would go for upwards of 5 entire turns (after drawing 7 cards) without seeing a single land sometimes or only seeing one.

  That means with an average draw rate of 25% I wouldn’t see anything for a few hundred % worth of drawing. Now I realize that isn’t how ratios work nor is it how odds work, but it blew my mind.

  As it stands just to get relatively consistent draws I had to upgrade to 20 lands for a sixty card deck, that means that 1 out of every 3 cards I draw is a land. That is insane that I had to jump to 33% just to see more than 2 lands in 10 draws.

  Absolutely amazing and to me a good reason why you should never gamble. You will never do anything with these high of odds and considering the difficulty I’m having at these odds you’d be best to save your cash.

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