Plume of Poo Doom

  So I learned something a bit shocking today on Discovery channel. It turns out that when you flush a toilet you create a circulation of air in the bowl of the toilet that creates a mushroom cloud like collection of microscopic fecal matter (known as fecal chloriform I believe), this cloud will then (if not concealed through various manners) stretch across the entirety of your bathroom, dousing your towels, your brushes, your toothbrush, your doorknob and heck even you in tiny conventionally invisible specs of poo matter.

  So the next time you flush your toilet perhaps it would be in your best interest to first put the toilet seat down, sure its not going to kill you but the less poo on your toothbrush the better I say.

  Hope this was an insightful tidbit of info. Again brought to you by Discovery channel initially.

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