It is a good thing that today is a holiday. Given how unenthusiastic I am about everything I need a day off to get my energy back. I blame this off and on sickness. At any rate I’ll be back to do some fruitful updating tomorrow, might discuss more about the book or perhaps North Koreas interesting little foray into nuclear weaponry testing.

  I’m quite certain at this point the next country to drop a nuclear weapon on another country will disappear off the face of the Earth so fast (from non-nuclear bombardments) that we will question whether or not they exist. Too many nations have too many people with too much power to allow another smug nut job ruin it all, I think WWII was the last time we’ll ever see a charismatic warlord raise an army of such scope.

  Although if you WERE going to do it, the middle east looks like prime ground to try. That is all for today. Hope you all are enjoying your day off.

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