A New (Improved?) Update Plan for the Site

  Each day will be themed. This doesn’t require too much further explanation I’m sure. So without further Adieu here is what is planned for at least the entirety of this quarter (so a month or 30+ updates from this post).

  Mondays become Museum and Architecture Mondays.
    Simply enough I will discuss museums of interest, my projects in the matter, and personal opinions on the subject. This will change with the next quarter but for now this’ll be on Mondays. I’m sure there is plenty to discuss and it is some fascinating stuff.

  Tuesdays become Technology Tuesdays.
    Generally I’ll be discussing video games but I might mention anything from new vehicles, energy, convenience, to military grade arms. Whatever catches my fancy that I think would be interesting to research and discuss with the folks that visit here.
  Wednesdays become Renaissance Wednesdays.
    I don’t know if you ever realized this (it was a shock to me honestly) but the Renaissance is actually quite fascinating. From the rampant plagiarism to the very mathematical approach to art it is a generation of people that get either far too little credit or far too much credit for the wrong reason. I’m sure that I can convey across some of the impressively presented information that I’ve been dealing with this quarter.

  Thursday become Artsy Thursdays.
    Are poorly photo shopped pictures your fancy? Do you enjoy seeing poorly drawn maps or the occasional attempt at whit via a web comic strip? Well I’ve learned a bit of photo shop and I have now got access to a working scanner. So Thursdays will be your day indeed.

  Fridays become Dinosaurs Friday.
    One of my favorite subjects, Dinosaurs are absolutely fascinating creatures, to their credit they tend to expand the boundaries of what we figure any one creature would do given enough time. With each new fossil we get ever closer to understanding a world that sadly may never be seen again.
  Saturdays become Something Saturday.
    Not unlike that painful subject on Jeopardy this will be the potpourri day here. Anything random and interesting that I can find. Now to be fair this might happen any day on top of the other stuff that is designated but specifically Saturday’s will be random and hopefully enjoyable.    

  Sundays become Spatial Sunday.
    The seemingly infinite expanse that surrounds our tiny blue speck. Sundays will end each week with a discussion of something fascinating involving our universe and will subsequently prepare everyone for another humbling week into subjects that generally unfold on our planet. It helps set the scope for just how amazing and yet trivial all things on Earth have, can, and will be. Good stuff.

  So that’s it for today. I ‘may’ update again tonight about the discussion that was on hand for MnA but I’m a bit busy. This was in its own right a bit big for just being a status update.   

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