7 Days of Dinosaurs (Day 3)

Characteristics of Ornithischia

    There are some important things to know about Ornithischia when you are confronted by them. Well firstly I’d check your BAC but after that remember that all of them are Herbivores. Keep in mind that generally speaking you are more likely to be killed by Herbivores than Carnivores (they are aggressive enough to dwarf the hunger of many Carnivores). The had something called Ossified tendons up and down their spines. Now I don’t quite understand what this is yet. I’d look online but frankly I’m hoping to have it unraveled to me in the course. An image from future slides is as follows.


  It is even nice enough to point out the tendons, you’ll notice the cross hatching of them. Fascinating stuff. They possessed a horny bill on the front of their lower jaw. Think Triceratops if you want a quick (and relatively universal) visual.

  Finally they had their backwards pointing pubis bones. Which was more birdlike, which if memory serves, is where the orni comes in.

  Now I’m going to have to actually put the rest of these on hold. I’ve been stepping beyond my knowledge level in these latest questions and there is no reason to misinform myself and others. But this will most certainly be re-touched on.

  So unlike the dinosaurs this shouldn’t end up extinct, just delayed. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

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