7 Days of Dinosaurs (Day 2)

What are the distinctions between the Sauropod groups Brachiosauridae, and Diplodocidae?

  This one is probably going to be short but it’ll be fun. You likely saw some images last time so I won’t repost them however the skulls are different.

  From the first group of Camarasaurs you have the Camarasauridae (which we aren’t learning about) and the Brachiosauridae which we are. Of these the special characteristics consist of demarcated snouts (check a dictionary I actually don’t know haha), chisel-like teeth in the entire mouth, they have longer front limbs than back ones, and finally they are heavier than the Diplodocidae (and Titanosaurs in general).

    Now unintuitively so the Titanosaurs are as stated before lighter than the Camarasaurs, of which the Titanosaurs comprise two different sub groups. You have the Titanosauridae which we aren’t interested in (because its not part of the Exam) and the Diplodocidae. With the Diplodocidae you have special traits of long broad noses, nostrils on the top of their head as opposed to front, pencil-like teeth instead of chisel like (big difference trust me), teeth at the front of the jaw (looks pretty weird to me brown skull on last post set is of this), long and slender fellows, and they have a V-shaped neural spine on the neck that is pretty neat. If it doesn’t come up later, that neural spine is likely for the attachment of that ligament from the previous post. When thinking of cranes you get a general idea of how handy a series of wires like that would be.

    I believe that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed this little foray into information about dinosaurs. Oh and so you get SOME sort of visual fun out of this lemme grab an image from our slides for you.


  Good stuff.

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