Month: May 2009

Diamonds never change

They say Diamonds never change Endless in beauty and shape I say shenanigans as I watch them change again and again Crumble quickly to dust before me how do rocks differ from life at our base all is not alive They say waters will run bringing in the new and washing out the old but I wonder who they should have told Sickle celled crystalline turtle shelled Endless in beauty and shape Diamonds never...[Read More]

So long to a good friend.

She was one of my best friends and easily the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. You will be sorely missed Cleo. It is always the best that leave first, entirely unfair.

No Pain, No Loss

  I often wonder about pain. As someone who did very poor on his rotation during a few years of martial arts training I have a pretty consistent pain in my knees. Top that with the seemingly endlessly pinched nerve in my hip and I have all sorts of pain being sent to my brain.   But I’m left with questions, my pain tells me that something is wrong, but it is so vague that I cannot discer...[Read More]

Into the Abyss

Darkness crawls along Serenading Sirens Song Cat calls tricking all listening Ether Escher peaking threshold bursting blackness ink palms press Gripping tightly beneath the soul pulling you down by your sole Enter the abyss darkness incarnate light loves no one here

Plume of Poo Doom

  So I learned something a bit shocking today on Discovery channel. It turns out that when you flush a toilet you create a circulation of air in the bowl of the toilet that creates a mushroom cloud like collection of microscopic fecal matter (known as fecal chloriform I believe), this cloud will then (if not concealed through various manners) stretch across the entirety of your bathroom, dous...[Read More]


  It is a good thing that today is a holiday. Given how unenthusiastic I am about everything I need a day off to get my energy back. I blame this off and on sickness. At any rate I’ll be back to do some fruitful updating tomorrow, might discuss more about the book or perhaps North Koreas interesting little foray into nuclear weaponry testing.   I’m quite certain at this point the next co...[Read More]

How much is too much?   Now it isn’t an isolated incident, there are nations that have been battling for hundreds if not thousands of years merely because of a disagreement in literature. I know people say that even without faith we will still have conflict but I tend to think that once people are fighting over which is better, star trek or star wars, we’ll be able to step bac...[Read More]

Non-existing existence

  “There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.” – Donald Rumsfeld   For those that peeked up from their sessions of WoW the above quote might be familiar. From what I take from it, there are thing...[Read More]

A little homophobia kills a long way.

  While I imagine absolutely anyone reading this already knows I thought it was a fascinating tidbit to point out just how destructive petty prejudices can be. Case in point with the ever vocal homophobes in our country (which is beyond me, I don’t see what homosexuality has to do with anyone outside of those who are homosexual).   For whatever reason a vast amount of the Arabic translat...[Read More]

The Failure of Shock Protests

  Be it at a speech by the President or the center of transit at the university where I live (and currently go) there is one thing you are bound to see. People protesting. Now I have nothing against protesting by itself, while most of the time it is over really inconsequential stuff at least in the US, there are times when it really does make a difference and has a powerful message.   Ho...[Read More]

Black Roses

Most beautiful thing you’ll ever see Black roses Growing, flowing, silky sweet Seeds splitting to bud crawling forth from the mud petals patter against the wind a fleeting motion of pure emotion Gardener of the Gods fields of feathers falling from the sky Angels molting for summer sun beaming brightly only for her Thorn pricks upon the skin can never deter me from loving her rarest of any fl...[Read More]

Optics, Art, and You.

  Today in class we were discussing linear perspective and the illusion of dimensionality. Which caused me to think about it. Isn’t everything we are seeing an illusion? I suppose that statement requires a bit of explanation or else it’ll sound a bit existential.   The world around us is 3 dimensional, our vision is light based. It takes light so little time to make it between any visibl...[Read More]

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