Working till Death

  It is unfortunate that humans in many places work until they are dead, or at the very least poorly functioning. To me it seems silly to come this far, advancing technology to such a degree, and still have folks working for so long.

  I am of course speaking for the US, since I have little knowledge of other countries, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing. I also find it interesting that generally speaking those with the least work get paid the most.

  One might argue that a sports star does have a hard job. I would of course respond by waving the bullshit flag in all its steamy brown glory. If someone paid me millions of dollars to play Dance Dance Revolution non-stop for hours on end I would do it and not feel the least bit overworked. Likewise if I was playing it constantly every year I’d have a very good track record. I’ve not really seen more than a handful of sports player in any field that has performed extra ordinarily, the rest are about on par with what you would expect with endless hours of training.

  CEO’s tend to be paid high amounts of money to do a job that is supposedly specialized and complicated. They make millions because frankly there are few people who could work the logistics. That’s the story at least. Again as with the sports analogy, anyone put in the position of CEO would have the same competency of most CEO’s within the first year.

  I’m not one to belittle people for their profession, if you are doing something well that is always to be appreciated. But we act far too much like any job is too difficult for anyone to learn. I’ve found myself multiple times in the past lying about my knowledge of a subject and learning it during the first month or few months by watching others and researching. I am by no means special either, I have no rain man talent to speak of. This is something any average individual can do.

  Yet we act like we can’t. Paying some 20 something hundreds of dollars at a Best Buy to do a very simple fix on a Personal Computer. Or not dropping bricks when we hear about absolutely positively anyone getting a 7-9 figure bonus for any job.

  But I’ve gotten off on a bit of a tangent. In good faith however, my point is simple, we spend fantastic amounts of money on people to do pretty simple (relative to income) jobs. So what is left with everyone else doing the jobs that are frankly most times just as hard? They are left working for ages, many times until death. It’s sad.

  All in all I think the response people should give when they hear “If you are going to criticize them do it yourself then.” is “Give me their pay and I’ll get it done.” Because frankly, the same training for many individuals will net the same results. Special exceptions aside.

  Forgive the mini rant, It’s been a long day haha.

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