There was an interesting point brought up in the Architecture of Museums course I’m taking. It was the discussion of Wonderment and Resonance. The idea that if you provide someone with a sense of Wonderment they will in turn be interested in learning more about the item or topic and it’ll resonate in them (at least that was MY interpretation of the idea I might be wrong).

  It’s a novel concept that never quite clicked for me. However I think this is something I’ve tried (and I feel failed but that’s personal criticism perhaps) in my writings. To create a sense of wonderment however small so that it helps propagate further curiosities into the topic. I find a nice level of satisfaction when I see the links on these posts getting hit because it means that just maybe the person has gone off to learn more about whatever topic is on the agenda for that day.

  Really this is missing from most educational books these days. There is absolutely no sense of wonderment in the literature. It is dry and almost a chore to read. As a guy who gets the same satisfaction from a good book as he does from a good burger (and I love me a good burger) I find it almost alarming how difficult it is for me to read some books for college. They take a topic that is so fantastically interesting, like say the chemical composition of the human brain, and make it into the most dry dull read in the history of man. I end up wishing I had a copy of war and peace to read instead because at least the length of time it takes me to complete the reading would match the size of the book (1.4k Pages).

  In the future if my fantasy novels do become popular and I have a good deal of cash under my belt so that writing can be my priority I think I might dig into college textbook writing. There is just not enough justice being done to so many of the topics that are available in college. It almost looks forced when you read these long drawn out discussions using words that are not only unnecessary but occasionally wrong. Yes I know, you love to remind people they are in college by using transelementation and various other excessively verbose terms but give it a friggin’ rest every once in a while. I don’t like reading 50k words on a subject that could have more vividly been covered in 5k.

  So perhaps a future project which would be even more enjoyable because it would require studying topics I’m not familiar with. Perhaps I’ve been jaded by all the good books I’ve read but there is a serious disconnect between the wonder invoked by the topic and the almost Saharan dryness of the texts covering it. Likewise it shouldn’t cost more to get a book that is written by someone who’s ever held a real conversation in their life. It would have cost the students in Human Memory an extra 100 dollars to get a book written in a dialect that has been used in the last 5 decades. We went with the cheaper book and boy…just thinking about it reminds me that this was a topic (alright bit of a rant) that has been long overdue.

  I wonder if any librarians chuckled at the use of overdue in a post about books? No? Alright I’ll go then.

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