The workspace of a Penguin

  For those that have wondered what my workspace looks like here is a brief glimpse into my life. These were all taken with a particularly stubborn 99 dollar camera, I love the little guy but focusing with it is sort of like hitting yourself in the groin with a hammer. So excuse the grains :P.

You’ll notice it’s relatively clean. This is purely doctored I assure you, took this image while holding my Coffee :P.

Side Desk
  This is where all the mess is hiding. We’ve got rubbing alcohol, a bunch of writeable dvd’s and CD’s, games galore…oh and is that a PSP and a DS laying with one another…the hubris!

You’ll notice the tacky grey and white drives in a black case. Oh and clutter…lots of clutter. Just barely you can make out my sexy headphones on top of the tower. I love those guys.
Some Dudes
This is actually the lightest my action figure collection has ever looked. I may take a picture of all my DnD miniatures sometime. I’ve got a whole bunch of them, once I get a job its going to get grotesque too I’m certain. That’s Daemon in the back there with his hands outstretched, one of my favorite old toys.

About the only thing my SPORE game does anymore is sit inside its exceptionally nice case. I ended up getting that for 10 dollars cheaper than the regular copy. It wasn’t a bad game if you don’t play it. Also that’s Doraemon, the best Japanese kids show character ever.

Books and Ish
I have limited space on my shelves. So you’ll see graphic novels stacking on top of one another :P.
Closeup of Books and Ish
Another shot of some of my books, I have a pretty large DND collection I might take a shot of sometime as well. Add it to this little series. 
Alien Homonid
Alien Hominid :). Got this from PAX with the game.
One of the Maps on the walls here. I love maps and any game that comes with one gets an automatic thumbs up.
Map Again
Just another shot of the same map, I dunno, whichever you like best.
 Another Map
This is another map, from the box of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
Map #3
A map that came with the expansion, Shivering Isles. Great detail :).

  So that is it for now. I’m sure that I’ll have a plethora of other images from the various nerd points in the apartment. Need to take them soon before we destruct and move. Obviously none of the images will reveal our location, don’t want any of my ravenous (and entirely fictitious) fans coming here ;).

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