The Viral Fear

    swineflue Run! It’s a Swine Flue!

    So here we are. With the momentary pause of the US’s apparent goal to have one war with every nation on the planet there had to be something. We have a disease known as the Swine Flu, indeed not all that uncommon. Apparently if you are in constant contact with pigs you just may acquire a human strain of this mean little bug.

  So what does it do to you? Well if you live in Mexico it is apparently fatal, however if you are anyone else in the world it is essentially just like every other flu. It is a supreme pain in the butt, you will probably vomit, but eventually be ok. So why now with .00000001867 of the US population infected by this disease and many already recovering (only what…4 people have been hospitalized and will likely recover) it has become the job of news stations to color entire states (and countries) bright red once a single person has the disease there. Millions of people put in fear over a small outbreak of a disease that is only fatal in a country where you can’t even drink the water most times.

  I sometimes wonder if we have a viral fear of a time without fear. We work so hard to make mountains out of molehills that I often wonder when people will learn how to instantly die from panic. As if our own genetic code desires us to end the reign over the land. Perhaps that’s a bit dark, but nowhere near as dark as the nonsense flying across twitter or anywhere else for that matter. This site not an exception I’m sure ;).

  Just for a second here lets list the differences between Swine Flu and the Flu systematically. If the symptom is in both it will be bold. If it is only in the Swine it’ll be Underlined and if it is just the Flu it’ll be Italic.

  Fever, Lethargy, Lack of Appetite, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Coughing, Nausea, Vomiting, Aches, Headache and Diarrhea. That’s right, the only thing that Swine Flu will give you over a Flu is the runs. Oh wow. Lets all not defecate ourselves to death at once. The Flu however gives you joint aching, Nausea, Aches, AND Headaches on top of everything else besides Diarrhea. So until we see a regular Flu Outbreak (you know every single year) I wouldn’t worry.

  A bit of advice below:

  If the world really does start having a huge outbreak of the Swine Flu, you know what you do? You stay at home for a week and eat the food you have at home and use your tap for water. If the death rate is really as dramatic and quick as people are trying to make it out you just need to wait out the dying and you’ll be fine. This isn’t 28 days later, sick people don’t hunt down healthy people and infect them. In the US you are more likely to be shot by your local gang or ticketed by the traffic police than die from Swine Flu.

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