The Möbius Code (Part 2)

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Part 1 – The Introduction

  In the beginning of this particular Universe as likely each before it there was a point when all matter was crushed to a near 0 point. Think of it like exponential decay, you can keep going and going but you will never hit 0. Indeed that’s what happens with all the matter, it is crushed till it is absolutely as close to 0 as anything can possibly reach. This runaway series of events builds up likely the highest level of energy to ever be experienced by the universe at any given time.

  Going back to yesterdays discussion on time I imagine that there is a vast amount of compression that is done. Indeed if time moved at the same speed during this point as it does in modern time it would probably take incredibly long periods of time long outweighing a human life and easily dwarfing the entirety of human (and perhaps biological) history. However with the warping of space (again reaching a near 0 point) could quite possibly be causing this otherwise unfathomably long period of crushing to happen in a relative instant. Although to be fair either way it doesn’t matter, it’s not how quickly that it happens but that it happens.

  When the explosion first happens there is a point currently that I don’t believe is (or may ever be) understood. Now the following is how I understand it and again I may be wrong. This is the part that you should probably ask your local Astrophysicist about :). Likewise I’ll be using the word explosion because it is easy to visualize, technically it was not an explosion. Disclaimers aside let us continue. The explosion created a massive amount of energy. This fantastic level of heat meant that essentially the entire Universe was plasma. As time passed a long the temperature cooled. Matter goes from a point that we can’t really simulate yet to materials that are exhibit able. You start off with very small matter and move up till you get to the familiar protons and electrons. There was during this time as well anti matter particles which is a topic that is a bit over my head. The best I could tell you for now is that when matter and anti matter connect they have some fairly explosive results. However as you’ll find in “Death by Black Hole” that Mr. Tyson feels that a universe entirely made of Anti matter would look indistinguishable of our own universe. The exception being that on contact with you it would kill you. But assuming you were anti matter it would all look and feel the same :).

  Over a good chunk of time (hundreds of thousands of years or something along those lines) protons and neutrons started to act quit friendly to one another and formed the first nuclei in the universe. Electrons stroll along and we finally have the required ingredients to make quite a large collection of different elements. Essentially the cooler things are (to a point) the easier it is for molecules to combine, it makes sense when taken into context. When holding some magnetic beads you will have less trouble getting them to connect when they lightly bump one another than when they are slammed into one another. The kinetic energy can be so great that it ejects attracted items apart from on another.

  Initially the Universe was primarily Hydrogen which makes sense. It is easily the simplest element on the periodic table. Slowly as temperatures cool you will start to see other elements popping up. Gravity starts to become a noticeably dominant force collecting matter into…well for lack of a better term Colonies. These colonies began to form gas clouds, which consequently would make stars. Likewise this wonderful duo helped form Galaxies and the other stuff that anyone with a telescope and a bottle of fine wine (or cider for those of us who don’t drink) can find.

  Essentially for stars they build up tons and tons of matter. As matter builds up you start to get heat (as one would probably figure). Over time you have a very very hot and very very large object, neatly enough it produces an equilibrium of energy where the force outwards is equal to the gravitational tugging inwards. That’s why it looks like a big ball, generally speaking when you are being pressed in and pushed out in all directions with equal force you will end up with a ball for most non-stubborn matter.

  So with quite a few oversights we have gotten to a more familiar Universe (Note: These oversights are not necessarily because we don’t know, but because I haven’t read it yet which isn’t really a surprise considering the copious amounts of info available). With the next chapter I’ll try and take a stab at what I (at least think I) know about our own Solar System. For anyone interested in knowing more and more accurate information about your universe you can find some fantastic books by many talented individuals. Anyone who needs suggestions can email me, I’d be glad to give you a throng of suggestions on literature.

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