The History Crushing Power of Our Planet

  There seems to be a belief amongst a sizeable group of people that the Earth has never had the poo beaten out of it by meteor rocks. We look at the moon and see this abused sphere dancing around us and it gives the illusion of being our shield. While it is true that many of the things that have pummeled it would have hit us it has hardly been perfect.

  The Earth has an amazing ability of erasing everything that happens given enough time. Plates are constantly moving and sliding under one another, melting away and later sprouting up to fill cracks somewhere else in a seemingly endless cycle. It is not unlike a conveyer belt, essentially it is convection with molten and not-so-molten rock instead of hot water or air.

  Very recently (Monday) Italy was hit with a large Earthquake, 6.3 Magnitude, while obviously human life is always the priority and I am not trying to trivialize that loss (which has reached nearly 300 last time I checked it is important to know the historical impact of these sort of events.

  The Earth in a moment can flatten Millennia of history. Structures that have survived world wars and century upon century of erosion leveled with the greatest of ease. It’s humbling to say the least. Something that humans must remember. No matter what we do, while we may end all biological life on Earth we will likely never leave a lasting scar on the planet. At least I’m fairly skeptical that we will.

  cathedral Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L'Aquila, Italy
(Image from NYT)

  That is assuming we don’t survive long enough to have the core of the Earth finally cool completely (thus making continental drift nonexistent). But I ‘think’ that before that the sun will scorch the surface.

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