The Cost of Thought

In Response to this Article:

  There comes a time when a country such as ours realizes that greed has caused serious problems. In this case the cost of medical school has (without just cause) gone skyward for many years. As is stated in the article the average medical student ends up owing 140,000 dollars by the end of the ordeal. This with interest is a fantastically large amount of cash for a job that should be thrown at people (there is no such thing as too many doctors).

  That’s the problem. When it can be cheaper to become a lawyer than a doctor and with every new bundle of lawyers you have a new bundle of ridiculous lawsuits that make the cost of being a doctor go even higher. This means that more talented people become lawyers and more lawyers compounds the problem till you…well…till you reach where we are (and may continue going).

  The system doesn’t work and I can’t recall a time when it did work. Insurance rarely pays a fair enough amount and those without insurance are hard pressed to get any care at all. It’s an unfortunate reality check that will hopefully be alleviated. Health care should be one of three primary concerns of any civilization. If it is not that civilization is not doing the simplest of its jobs well.

  As I heard on television earlier. “Oh yeah I said it.” The US is holding up like a house with termites, we’ll see how long till an earthquake or strong breeze hits.

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