Taken a good look at a Tyrannosaurus lately?

  You ever had a bombshell drop in a class and had nobody but you seem truly interested. I would appear that inside the bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex they found actual fleshy bits!


  However as with all things it would appear that UW is trying to crush this wonderful bit of news for me (Darn you UW). So I’m not entirely sure whether or not I’m reading about the same bone or if one bone has flesh and another is sludge or if indeed that one both is just sludge (even though those scans that look like bird flesh are pretty convincing). But it gives some hope, I don’t feel that any dinosaur could function properly with our current environment compared to theirs. Perhaps we could work to make pygmy versions of them. However considering that you can’t even have cats without people letting them into the wild (or pythons for that matter) I suppose this would certainly end poorly.

  There are constant reminders that the most unlikely of events can indeed happen. Offhand I don’t know the principle but there is the idea that anything that can happen will happen (or has). I like this for one reason, if we are to assume that any value greater than 0 is possible (that is anything that can happen can happen…pretty novel concept) then it would seem pretty silly to assume anything that has a 1 in a trillion chance is never going to happen.

  Yet you will find people constantly treat it like that. “There is a one in a gajillion chance you’d have written the exact thing as that other person on your own.” Yet the fact remains the original person wrote it on their own. Likewise if there is any chance then it may have indeed happened. Just seems silly to have fractions over a hundredth if we aren’t going to treat them as possible.

  Ah…at any rate it is good to see some possible truth from Jurassic park :).

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