Made It This Far

Truly a tragedy
Worried more about
What we put in our Car
Than in our Belly
Absorbed into the Tele-
Vision blurred beyond use
Ignorance so great
It borders abuse
of Self
and those we love
Syrup on Sugar
Internal Scars
I wonder how
We made it this far

Praising Strategies
time bomb tragedies
building unreachable goals
and swallowing souls
as our air fogs
from burning Coals
Evolution a passing fad
more interested in
Hundred times translated
word of God
Children penalized
with sweet lies
minds being barred
I wonder how
We made it this far

Getting diced
utterly sliced
as tears flow
behind the guise
of the wise
oh what liars
they be
a billion bombs
couldn’t outdo
the damage
of fools
I wonder how
We made it this far

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