Don’t try this at home.

  I was watching a show called “Time Warp” on Discovery today, all-in-all it is an interesting show however one particular phrase caught me off guard…at least the first 12 times or so it was said. During the show a man put his arm in a bear trap, they threw things at an exposed wood chipper, and they also took apart a lawn mower so that the blade was exposed on almost all sides.

  I really feel this warning has gotten out of hand. If someone watches a guy put his hand in a bear trap and goes out to try it they would have inevitably died early. All the television did was give them an idea, they would have found something regardless to do and it may have ended up being far worse. If a kid takes apart a wood chipper, and dives at the thing like a thrown mackerel…some event would have happened with some object at some point regardless.

  There is only so much you can do to keep certain levels of stupid alive. At a certain point you start creating a dangerous dynamic. Imagine if well over 50% of the US required warning labels to survive, this would be catastrophic for the future of the country. Indeed you’d likely find people expecting the government to fix everything, the country building an impossibly large debt to a point where no amount of income could pay it off, and people would start thinking that having health care and education for all is a terrible terrible situation regardless of the copious examples of how when used properly it works fantastically.

  Thankfully we aren’t there at this point but I do feel that this is something that really should be addressed. If you have to tell people that they shouldn’t swallow a live viper then there is a very very serious problem.

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