Capitalism a sickly child.

  People often speak of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and the other 40-50 ‘isms’ that fill up our most well documented governments as if they are all built upon ideas that work well on paper but will never function with humans. That is somewhat true but it isn’t because of the nature of humans it, I feel, is more so the nature of ‘these’ humans. I imagine if there was a mass extinction and a new breed (cognitively) of humans rose to power some of the previously inefficient government forms would actually work. 

  However my point isn’t to debate that, at least not this time. I’m looking more at the wonder that is Capitalism. Capitalism is interesting for multiple reasons but few outshine the fact that people refuse to admit that it is a terrible regulation system. The idea of the Free market, as far as I’ve ever read, has never worked out. You have a short period of time where people think things are working and then a crash where tons of people have their livelihoods destroyed. Then you move on to another period of time, a crash, and the cycle repeats over and over. However when asked how nice Capitalism is most people in positions to speak will say it kicks the shins of all other setups.

  Indeed the idea of Socialism makes many people on television turn red with rage and rant on about how it doesn’t work and how everything will fall apart leaving us with nothing but fire, death, and babies for dinner (I’ve heard all 3). However these same people refuse to acknowledge the huge problems with Capitalism, indeed it is a terrible system. The free market tends to lead to not much more than corruption and those problems only grow over time till large businesses collapse and many people loose everything they’ve worked for. A large percentage of people live under the poverty level, there is a huge separation of wealth where a very small minority (fantastically small even) gathers almost all the wealth of the country.

  I think the reason that Capitalism is so popular is not because it works. Honestly if a race horse worked as well as Capitalism the poor thing would be shot. It is popular because of the possibility of great wealth that stems from it. A true communist country would not have fabulously rich people, a true socialist country likely would not either, however in the realm of Capitalism comes that dream of glory and greatness. The irony is that it is so popular for this factor and yet so few people every truly gain from it.

  To me the free market and capitalism are no different than their siblings. They only truly work on paper, indeed these are merely sickly children that are kept alive by nothing more than hope. It is a lack of hope that caused the recent crash in the US, had nobody cared that Bear Sterns was being as foolish and corrupt as it was and nobody had withdrew their investments it would have never gone under. Likewise if I’m not mistaken the great depression was a similar issue with people fearing banks not having their money so everyone tried to withdraw.

  At any rate I am somewhat interested now to try and fashion my own government system. See how well I can make one and get some input from the folks who frequent these pages.

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