At what point is it Murder?

  Now I’m not trying to start an agenda to end smoking. As anyone who regulars here they know that I am pretty lax on my feelings towards drugs. If you want to do them and keep me apart from it I’m completely cool with it. Indeed there is a strong correlation between the legality of a substance and the crime related to it…which I suppose could go without saying.

  But my question today is to what point does ingesting a dangerous substance go from being legal to illegal? Surely if I were to start dropping as much arsenic as there is in one cigarette into strangers drinks I would be arrested quite quickly and charged with multiple crimes. Perhaps even attempted murder.

  How much of the chemicals in airborne drugs make it into the exhale? The vast majority of oxygen we inhale is exhaled without being processed. It goes along to think that the chemicals taken in through drug use also have a pretty copious outtake. So if it is perfectly legal to introduce this material in the air to strangers without their acceptance would it likewise be legal to take the same substances and pour them unknowingly into people’s drinks?

   This carries over into religious beliefs as well. Suicide is illegal. However the question is how fast does the degeneration of your health have to be before it is considered suicide? Surely few people would argue that cigarettes shorten a persons lifespan, isn’t that what suicide is? Similarly alcohol is a poison, wouldn’t one figure that poisoning yourself is a sin?

   It is often treated as a black and white situation. However I’m finding issue with locating that switch. It may seem a bit ridiculous but take a minute and see if you can separate the point when dangerous substances go from being illegal to legal (or vice versa).

  PS. What you may find far more enlightening than this little romp into the subjective universe is probably the most fascinating article from The Monkey Sphere. If you read only one other thing for the rest of today make it this.

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