Month: April 2009

A bit of Filler Mathematics.

One Website Owner + Magic Cards + Other People = No Time to update.   I’m sorry about this I’ll see about updating before Magic the Gathering next week.   Lesson learned.

The 7 Days of Dinosaurs

  Now I’m not sure if this will actually last 7 days but we DO have 7 study guide questions for the next exam so I will cover one question per day to get myself prepared far earlier than the day before this time around. I received a 95% on the first exam if you were curious. Sauropodomorpha: Prosauropoda and Sauropoda: Life habits of, including use of tails, speed, evidence for aquatic or ter...[Read More]

The Viral Fear

    Run! It’s a Swine Flue!     So here we are. With the momentary pause of the US’s apparent goal to have one war with every nation on the planet there had to be something. We have a disease known as the Swine Flu, indeed not all that uncommon. Apparently if you are in constant contact with pigs you just may acquire a human strain of this mean little bug.   So w...[Read More]

The workspace of a Penguin

  For those that have wondered what my workspace looks like here is a brief glimpse into my life. These were all taken with a particularly stubborn 99 dollar camera, I love the little guy but focusing with it is sort of like hitting yourself in the groin with a hammer. So excuse the grains :P.   You’ll notice it’s relatively clean. This is purely doctored I assure you, took this image wh...[Read More]

The Cost of Thought

In Response to this Article:   There comes a time when a country such as ours realizes that greed has caused serious problems. In this case the cost of medical school has (without just cause) gone skyward for many years. As is stated in the article the average medical student ends up owing 140,000 dollars by the end of th...[Read More]

Working till Death

  It is unfortunate that humans in many places work until they are dead, or at the very least poorly functioning. To me it seems silly to come this far, advancing technology to such a degree, and still have folks working for so long.   I am of course speaking for the US, since I have little knowledge of other countries, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing. I also find it interes...[Read More]

A Course of Horse.

  Article in Question:   “If there was a fertility control out there, we’d love to have it,” Mr. Gorey added.   Well I might not be the wisest or the most intelligent person you will ever meet, likewise I’m hardly the most creative. But it would seem to me that we have access to a very powerful fertility con...[Read More]

The Digital Sea: Piracy

  Note: I apologize for missing my update yesterday. I’m pretty glum about losing track of time, ah well. Onto the discussion.   I was thinking recently about the entire debate over the legitimacy of piracy of digital media. As the cogs were turning I was reminded of a famous quote that anyone familiar with the Civilization video game series or just human history in general should be fam...[Read More]

Made It This Far

Truly a tragedy Worried more about What we put in our Car Than in our Belly Absorbed into the Tele- Vision blurred beyond use Ignorance so great It borders abuse of Self and those we love Syrup on Sugar Internal Scars I wonder how We made it this far Praising Strategies time bomb tragedies building unreachable goals and swallowing souls as our air fogs from burning Coals Evolution a passing fad mo...[Read More]

Dinosaurs and Their Environment – Exam #1 (Part 1.5-2)

What are signs of a fast animal and what indicates their primary food source (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore)?   When looking at an animal there are initial obvious hints. The stockier and thicker the bone the slower overall the animal will be. Now relative to humans just about any big animal will still stomp a hole through your torso if you try to slap them on the butt and run. A good rule o...[Read More]

Dinosaurs and Their Environment – Exam #1

  Now quite honestly I had forgotten this is Wednesday. I really wish that was not the case. However over the next two days I’ll be covering the 6 chapters of info that will be in the exam. Hopefully it’ll all come to a better end than the one Dinosaurs succumbed.   With 6 chapters to look over we split it cleanly down the middle. Today we’ll be discussing the Skeleton (hardest part), Cl...[Read More]

A Game by Any Other Name

Recently someone brought up the question of why the US tends to be very slow to get certain games that have been released before the ESRB compared to other nations. It has to do with laws in selling the product and the rating system. I have very strong feelings about just how unnecessary the ESRB, but that would boil down into a rant that I can summarize quite quickly and succinctly “Be a better p...[Read More]

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